Dusk Tales

Wiro Sableng Volume 1 chapter 5

WS Ep.1 Chp 5 It is almost unbelievable that at the peak of Mt. Gede[1] that should've been deserted without a single living person, a shrill sound of laughter could be heard in the sweltering heat of daytime! Occasionally, that... Continue Reading →

Wiro Sableng Volume 1 chapter 4

WS Ep.1 P.4   TL Note : The 4th and 5th chapter has no indication on where's the 4th & 5th part and it's almost 3000 words, pheshh. So I split them on my own.   " Accursed human who... Continue Reading →

Wiro Sableng Volume 1 chapter 3

WS Ep.1 pt.3 The two eyes of Mahesa Birawa also known as Suranyali that was closed cat napping suddenly opened widely when his ears picked up the trotting sound of horse legs that entered the yard. He woke up and... Continue Reading →

Wiro Sableng Volume 1 Chapter 2.5

WS ep.1 p.2 2/2 Note : Changed ep to Vol and parts to chapters to make things easy. Will edit the previous chapters later. Ranaweleng's body shook uncontrollably. His chest became hot with blazing anger. He had never been acquainted... Continue Reading →

Wiro Sableng Volume 1 chapter 2

Wiro Sableng Episode 1 - 4 sideburns from Sanggreng cave. -Part 2 ( 1/2 ) TL Note : This chapter is almost 2.5x the length of the previous one, so I split it into two parts because my brain is... Continue Reading →

Wiro Sableng

Written by : Bastian Tito Wiro Sableng [ Crazy Wiro ] or Pendekar 212 is a novel series written by Bastian Tito. Wiro is born with the name Wira Saksana whom since he was a baby, is brought up by... Continue Reading →

Wiro Sableng Volume 1 chapter 1

Wiro Sableng Episode 1 - 4 sideburns from Sanggreng cave -Part 1 " This! " said a man with long, bushy mustache with a rude voice. " Give it to him! I have to receive an answer by today, Kalingundil!!!... Continue Reading →

23CA Chp.1

- 23 CA Chapter 1 - He has long achieved a near-immortal body, the strongest mage of the continent. Ravenheart Lung├╝ldive, a living legend of the World of Alkasia. Sitting alone at the peak of the highest mountain on the... Continue Reading →

The Archmage of the 23rd Century

  Synopsis #1 Hero? Demon Lord? Beast King? To me, none of them are worthy to face me. The hero guided by the star of the heroes, I took away the stars of fate from him. The demon lord with... Continue Reading →

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