The Realm


Mortal Cultivation Path :

Warrior Path ( 1-9 )

The most common path that a mortal would take, every mortal has the chance to thread on this path. However, to advance further, the existence of Heaven and Earth Qi are needed to cultivate the body.

The warrior path consisted of 3 realms, which is further divided into 3 ranks each realm.

*Names are not final

The 1st realm, ” Beginning Realm “

The Beginning 1st – Warrior Trainee

The Beginning 2nd – Warrior Disciple

The Beginning 3rd Р Hidden


The 2nd realm, ” Expert¬†Realm “

The Advanced 4th – Hidden

The Advanced 5th – Hidden

The Advanced 6th – Hidden


The 3rd realm, ” Throne Realm “

The Master 7th – Hidden

The Master 8th – Hidden

The Final 9th – Hidden