– 23 CA Chapter 1 –

He has long achieved a near-immortal body, the strongest mage of the continent.

Ravenheart Lungüldive, a living legend of the World of Alkasia.

Sitting alone at the peak of the highest mountain on the continent, unfazed by the harsh cold and fierce wind. His eyes look into the far distance.

“ ..Sigh. Unexpectedly, it has already been 179 years..Earth how is it like right now? “

He was summoned into the world of Alkasia when he had merely been a teen 17 years of age. It was 2010 at the year he was summoned from Earth, and now 179 years have passed.

” I was far too reckless back then..young, guilible and rash.. “

Although he was the continent’s strongest mage, he did not know how to return back to Earth as he had destroyed the portal linking Earth and Alkasia long, long ago.

“ Mm..now that I think about it, I was kinda lucky that I managed to survive till now eh? What do you think Sylvia?”

All of a sudden, a beautiful silver-haired woman wearing maid-like clothing appeared out of thin air, her demeanor is extremely polite and reserved. “ Please do not belittle yourself Master. “ She replied, her tone soft yet stern.

Ravenheart gave off a slight chuckle. “ I knew you were eavesdropping the entire time. “

The beautiful silver-haired woman, Sylvia, bowed down in a standard noble greeting in Alkasia. “ Forgive me, but I had to watch master as master do have weird tendencies, especially when the others are not around. “

“ Bleh, are you even sincerely apologizing? Come sit here. “ Ravenheart rolled his eyes as he patted the ground beside him, signaling Sylvia to sit beside him.

Sylvia bowed once more and said nothing as she walked towards Ravenheart, sitting right beside of him.

Ravenheart though, continued to stare off into the distance, his eyes apprehensive.

“ It’s okay Master, the likes of them won’t be easily defeated. You are worrying too much. “ Syliva said, noticing his master’s predicament.

“ Mm..you are right, I’m probably being worried for nothing. “ shrugged Ravenheart as his body stood up. “ It’s about time for us to move too, let’s go. “

Sylvia nodded, both of them then disappeared from the peak of the mountain..
[center] ~~~ [/center]

Glascian King Folfohort, a well known tyrannical King in the southern parts of Alkasia.

However, currently, he is feeling extremely angered..and helpless.

Right when he is receiving reports that other neighboring kingdoms are being attacked by super powerful figures, a meteoric magic suddenly crashed down into his castle. He had only managed to escape with the help of his knights.

But when he had came outside, he was greeted by two figures that he thought he would never see again.

One of the figure is a tall, handsome, lean man that looked to be in his 20s. His grey hair with stripes of red fluttered in the wind. The man had sharp, grey eyebrows and red eyes that looked as if it had seen everything in the world.

As soon as he saw that figure, Folfohort trembled in fear.

The Legendary Archmage – Ravenheart Lungüldive

The peerless Silver Knight – Sylvia Edengrace

Years ago, he had managed to offend both of them and participated in the act of ambushing the two of them to kill them.

He thought that the operation had been successful, never before had he imagined that the two of them would appear once more before his eyes.

“ B-but how?! 678 knights and 132 mages cooperated to ambush the two of you..h-how are you still alive?! “ Folfohort screamed hysterically with his aged voice. The knights beside of him shook with fear.

The legends of these two figures had already crossed all over the land and their powers are simply unimaginable, especially Ravenheart. They were just ordinary figures when compared to the two of them.

Ravenheart calmly walked towards him, the knights, delusioned by fear attacked at him while screaming on top of their lungs.

But it only took Ravenheart a swipe of his fingers and slicing wind formed, slicing the bodies of these armored knights into two.

The rest no longer dare to try and attack him, they stepped back behind Folfohort, forgetting their duty as knights.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks as his cold eyes scrutinized Folfohort while Sylvia obediently followed closely behind him.

She knew that he bore a great amount of hate against Folfohort.

While the two of them are ambushed together at the time, his grievances with Folfohort traced all the way back to his father, as this is the kingdom where he was summoned.

But just when he had raised his hand..


The sky suddenly turned dark within moments, a blinding flash of light soon followed after. The morning sky have now disappeared from sight, the blinding light traversed the sky in a magical manner, leaving a road of dim glowing band arching across the dark sky, something akin of the milky way.

Ravenheart began to shook uncontrollably, his soulless eyes widened with disbelief. Having reached the pinnacle of power, such kind of emotions had long been lost for him, but at this very moment, Ravenheart could no longer control his emotions, It was because of this phenomenon that changed the entire sky, this milky way-like path that traversed the space but Ravenheart knew this was no ordinary milky way.

“ Stellar Soul Path! “ He cried, his long-emotionless eyes burned with a fervent fire.

Stellar Soul Path, legends say that this phenomenon is the result of an extremely powerful mage who had lost his way home after venturing into outer space. Lost in space, he longed to return to his planet. He then decided to cast a spell he called the “ Stellar Soul Path “ to guide his soul back home, whether he is able to return is not known, but his magic remained to this day, becoming a road that homeless souls dream of.

Ravenheart knew this was his chance, he had long waited for the Stellar Soul Path. However, the Stellar Soul Path is not something one will be able to find as one seek it, one could only hope. The last time the Stellar Soul Path was seen had been 450 years ago, the one before that was 1670 years ago, it had no set pattern, it comes and goes as it wishes, guiding lost souls back home.

It took him quite a while before he realized his current situation. He glanced around and saw that Folfohort and his knights are down on the ground 50 meters oomphing and coughing aloud from where he last saw them.

In his stupor, he had totally forgotten about Folfohort and his minions. Thankfully, Silvia was there and Folfohort wasn’t able to do anything to him.

“ Sylvia.. “ Ravenheart muttered, finally out of his entrancement.

“ There’s no need to say any more..master, we all know how long you have longed for it. There’s no need for parting words…Go, I’m sure the others would feel the same. “ Sylvia said, her eyes calm like water, but even she couldn’t be able to hide the slight tremble in her eyes.

Sylvia knew how much his Master had longed to return back to his home, even if years had gone by, he still hadn’t forgotten about his home..Earth.

The Stellar Soul Path had come too sudden..there is no time for them to say parting words, it had come during their conquest to cleanse the treacherous kings and lords of Alkasia, because of that his comrades are scattered all over the land.

“ ..Thanks, Sylvia. “ Ravenheart, his heart set, turned into a blinding silvery-red light as he chased after the blinding light on the sky.

Both of them knew how short the Stellar Soul Path lasted. In the legends, it is said that it would only last 10 seconds, no more no less, it will then disappear and the sky will turn back into normal like it was never there before.

Within moments, he had already reached the Stellar Soul Path. Ravenheart felt his body disintegrating into clusters of light, but he did not resist and allow the light to break down his body.

He gave one last look at the World of Alkasia before he sighed.

When he had just been summoned here, he was full of vigor and excitement just like any other teenager, but events that led to him realizing that reality wasn’t so kind turned his excitement into hatred towards this world.

But no matter how much one hated, when one lived for more than 100 years..attachments would naturally form.

“ Sylvia, Mary, Grayheart, Wulvenfair, Andall, Rakar, Sevelance, Ariana, and the others..I..I will miss you all. “ He mentioned his comrades that have accompanied him throughout his years.

“ I will be leaving..Alkasia. “ Ravenheart muttered softly as all of his body finally disintegrated into clusters of light, following the Stellar Soul Path into space.

But what he did not know, that at the time, 17 different coloured lights sped through the air, joining the Stellar Soul Path along with him..