Synopsis #1

Hero? Demon Lord? Beast King?

To me, none of them are worthy to face me.

The hero guided by the star of the heroes, I took away the stars of fate from him.

The demon lord with his tyrannical magic power, I overcame him with my even more tyrannical magic power.

The beast king with his unmatched strength, My enchanted body beats his might.

This is the story, of the one mage that caused history to change.

This is the story, of the unrivaled mage of the century.

Synopsis #2

Ravenheart Lungüldive, Alkasia’s most powerful living mage.

With his Soul-Artifact, The Temporal Space artifact. He traveled back to Earth and lived his second life on Earth once again.

But the Earth he knew had only traces of it left, as it is the 23rd Century on Earth!

Follow him as he lived his life accompanied by his Temporal-Space artifact.

Where inside of it..contained legendary Heroes, Demon lords, Beast Kings and Dragons alike..


Chapter List :