Wiro Sableng

Episode 1 – 4 sideburns from Sanggreng cave

-Part 1

” This! ” said a man with long, bushy mustache with a rude voice. ” Give it to him! I have to receive an answer by today, Kalingundil!!! You hear me!? ” 

The man named Kalingundil nodded his head. He then took the given letter. ” If he talks lots of crap….,” said the long-mustache man, ” Just take care of it. Leave now, if needed, bring Saksoso!”

Kalingundil stood up and left the room. And if Kalingundil have just left behind the door then grumped Suranyali, the man with thick mustache.

” Truly a cursed woman! Illict woman!” He clenched his right fist into a circle and punched on the teakwood table in front of him.


The table plank shattered. The 4 table legs sank down until 3 cm into the tile and the tile itself cracked! He then stood up. His body quivered from anger that he almost could no longer control. His mouth opened up again and cussed alone.

” Cursed woman! I left her for one year and suddenly she was married! Not to mention pregnant and even a children! Dammit!” Suranyali stood up with a heaving breath in the face of the window then he walked into another table which is located in that room too. From inside a jug[1], he gulped cold water. But only two gulps of water passed through his throat when the jug became empty.

“Dammit!” cursed Suranyali again.
He slammed the jug into the ground until it broke apart into pieces. A middle-aged woman turned up her head into the door over there, however seeing Suranyali in a wild state, she quickly disappeared again.

In the end, Suranyali wore himself out from all that cursing and fuming. He slammed his body into a chair and only now he felt how tired his body was.

” Ludjeng! ” shouted Suranyali.

The middle-aged woman from before hastily showed herself on the door.

” Yes, young master Sura…..”.

” You are also an asshole! ” scolded Suranyali towards that woman. His saliva sprayed all over and Wilujeng doesn’t dare to wipe the saliva that sprayed her face.

” How many times have I told you to not call me with that name! Have you gone crazy until you forget all the time?!? Are you crazy, hah?!!.” Wilujeng stayed silent while her body trembled from fear. Again and again she forgot. Again and again she called him with Sura, even though Suranyali have often ordered her to call her with the name Mahesa Birawa.

” Duck faced woman[2]! I asked you if you have gone crazy? Answer! ”

” No, young master Su….., eh Mahesa Birawa…..”

” If you are not crazy then you must have a screw lose on your head! Get me some water, hurry up! ”

Wilujeng turned her body. Not long after she had already returned bringing a glass of water with her. The cold water freshened up Suranyali’s heart by a bit. He then sat calmly in that chair and if he blinked his eye, then that event from a year ago showed up again.

At that time he had long been acquainted with Suci. He knew that girl did not like him, but by meeting Suci again and again in the edge of the river where she washes clothes, he hoped by time, he could soften up her heart. And indeed in the end Suci would talk and answer Suranyali, but this is not because she liked Sura but because she felt sheer pity for him. But unfortunately Suranyali misinterpreted her. He thought that now Suci had already been attracted to him.

One time Sura was called by a sakti[3] in Mt. Lawu. Before leaving, Sura met with Suci and said, ” Suci, I will go to Mt.Lawu. Maybe I will only return in a year. I hope you will wait with patience. If I return I will marry you…..”

” But young master Sura…..”

Suci stopped her words because she saw Suranyali walking towards her and extended his hand to hug her. Suci stepped back.

” Don’t, young master. People will see…..”

Then Suranyali left without leaving a chance for Suci to explain to him that she did not like that man, and that she rejected that proposal! And within that departure of Suranyali, Suci got married afterwards with Ramaweleng, a young man that she loved and also loved her back. To Suci her marriage with Ranaweleng is by no means an act of betrayal to Suranyali as surely she did not love Suranyali and has also never declared her love to him.

And such, if at that day Suranyali returned from his journey then the first news that he had heard, that flounced his bloody rage is the fact that Suci had gotten married with Ranaweleng. The two husband and wife even had a son already. Their life although simple but happy. And now Ranaweleng had already been made the village head of Djatiwalu.

If Suranyali is a human that has face and pride, he should have known that in Suci’s marriage he should step back because it is so shameful if he kept on wanting Suci when Suci did not love him moreover now with a husband and as well as a child. But Suranyali’s basis is not a clear minded human, rather he is quickly frenzied, is easily enraged and act unreasonably[4].

Then at that very same day he sent his subordinate to Djatiwalu to bring a threat letter to Ranaweleng.

Suranyali who now uses the name Mahesa Birawa rises from his chair when he heard the rumbling noise of horse legs in the yard. He walked into the window and observed his two men leaving. His fingers gripping into the window’s facet.

” Suci must be obtained…. must be obtained!” He said inside his heart that is filled with anger.

” If not…..,” Mahesa Birawa did not continue his words. In exchange his left hand moved to hit the window wall and that wooden facet smashed into pieces!!

[1] The indonesian word for this ” jug ” is called a kendi, I don’t think there is a perfect translation to this too, but it is extremely similar in appearance to a teapot. You can see the image in the link below.

[2] The duck-face here is not literal, the original word is ” Monyong ” which does literally mean duck face, but is also used to curse people.

[3] This could be a bit hard because sakti can mean lots of things, from magic, supernatural, divine power, sacred, holy, etc. But this here refers to a person who is magical / bearing divine powers / supernatural, etc. Just remember this because I can’t find a perfect translation for it, just like the ” Dao ” in Chinese I guess?

[4] This part is actually a collection of Indonesian idioms. If someone can give me a better translation for it please do.

Easily enraged = Naik Darah; which literally mean to have one’s blood rises or simply, angered.

Act unreasonable = Membabi Buta; which literally mean something akin to acting like a blind pig; it can also mean to act blindly.

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