Wiro Sableng

Episode 1 – 4 sideburns from Sanggreng cave.

-Part 2 ( 1/2 )

TL Note : This chapter is almost 2.5x the length of the previous one, so I split it into two parts because my brain is tired out..

Also, on another note. Denmas is changed into Young Master from the previous chapter, Enjoy!


The two stopped their horse in front of an old man that is in the middle of plucking the yard’s grass. Without coming down from their horses, Kalingundil asked with a loud, rude voice, ” Is this the house of Ranaweleng?! ”

The old man slowly stood up from his squatting position. When he stood up, his short and hunchbacked body was brought into light. He raised his head upwards and lifted his bamboo hat that covered his forehead so that he would be able to see the people who had spoken to him.

This old man did not immediately gave them an answer but instead, he gazed at Saksoso that sat above the back of the horse at the right side of Kalingundil.

” Stupid old man! ” cursed Kalingundil. This slender-bodied man is indeed not patient by nature. ” I ask is this the house of Ranaweleng?! ”

” Yes! ” answered Kalingundil. [ I know this seems weird but the raw is like this.. ]

” Is there anything I can help you with brother ? ”

It was now the fat and short Saksoko’s turn to speak out. His voice is hoarse and isn’t pleasant to the ears. ” You don’t need to ask what we came for. You senile old man step aside! ”

Saksoso jerked the rope on his horse’s bridle and once that horse rushed forward, the old man was knocked off into the ground, hit by the trotting horse Saksoko rided!

That old man slowly stood up. His eyes that has become hazy after the passing of time looked like it radiated a light. With his left leg, he kicked the bamboo hat that is lying in the ground half-heartedly.

That hat streaked forward as fast as an arrow and it hit the genital of the horse ridden by Saksoko. That stallion neighed loudly. It’s two front legs jumped up high into the air and Saksoso was thrown off into the ground!

The old man secretly felt satisfied. With an attitude as if nothing had happened, he turned his body around into a crouching position once again and started to pluck grass in the lawn! The eyeballs of that fat, short man saw stars in his head. For an amount of time, everything became bleak in his sight.

” Saksoso, what happened to you?!” asked Kalingundil shocked and astonished.

” I myself do not know, ” replied Saksoko while getting up and patting his pants backside. He looked around. There is no one but that old man who is currently plucking the grass.

Afterwards, that man’s eye gazed at the bamboo hat that is lying not to far away from ground. He felt suspicious in his heart. However once he saw the old man with his thin and hunchbacked stature, his suspicion faded away. No way, he thought. There is no way it could be that senile old man who have thrown that bamboo hat into his horse.

Kalingundil also looked around with a questioning heart. He looked at that old man, then he said, ” I think that emaciated old man….. ”

Kalingundil indeed has sharper eyes and feeling. Even in the art of silat[ 1 ] , he is also 2 class higher than Saksoko.

” How could it be, ” said Saksoko unbelieving.

” Let’s see. ”

Kalingundil dismounted from his horse. He took the hat that lied on the ground and gave the bamboo hat a scrutinizing look for a moment. His eyes glanced at the old man who was still squatting on the ground and plucking grass near the lawn’s fence.

Kalingundil moved his right hand. The hat is released from that hand and swiftly streaked towards the head of the old man.

In such a nonchalant manner, the old man who was squatting with his back facing against them moved his right hand to scratch his head’s backside and how shocked the two subordinates of Mahesa Birawa or Suranyali when they saw how the bamboo hat streaked into the side and rolled in the ground! Kalingundil and Saksoko looked towards each other.

” What did I say, you see? ” hissed Kalingundil.

Seeing the truth, it instantly made the fat and short Saksoko furious.

” Crazy old man! ” he scolded. ” With just a little bit of skill you already want to boast! ” He bent over his body and reaped a handful of sand. That handful sand was thrown into the direction of the old man. Even though it was only sand but because it was filled with internal energy, it streaked intensely and could even wound skin or blind eyes!

The old man suddenly stood up with a hunchback stature. He patted his black clothes akin to a person that is in the middle of wiping dust from their clothes.

But at the same time, this action of his caused the soft sand that attacked him to scatter at every direction!

” Truly insolent! ” swore Saksoko, because he felt that he was increasingly challenged and played with.

And within a distance of a few meters, he hacked forward and released a bare handed punch. That old man turned his hunchbacked body to the side.

” What is this?! ” he asked with a shrill voice, ” why did you attacked me?! ”

However, at the same time, his movement from before had dodged the wind created by Saksoko’s punch with only a few inches in front of his nose.
Saksoko crackled his jaw.

” Crazy old man! Who are you actually?! ”

That old man smirked, showing his gum that did not have even a single tooth on it. ” I am already old, there is no need to curse! “, he said whilst pushing his right palm to the front. A blow of a fierce wind landed on Saksoko’s body. If he did not quickly dodge it, this short fatty would definitely not come out unscathed.

Once he jumped to the side, he immediately sent one fist into the direction of the old man. It was at this time that a loud shout was heard from the door of the house.

” What is all this?! Stay your hands!! ”

Saksoko pulled back his hand and turned around. He saw a flawless and galant young man coming out of the house and stood on the ledge of the stairs.[2] Then, he saw Kalingundil motioning for him to get closer to him.

Even if his heart is still filled with rage towards that old man, but seeing the signs of his friend, he immediately went towards him. The two of them walked towards the ledge of the house.[2]

” You are Ranaweleng? ” barked Kalingundil.

Since he had been the village head in Jatiwalu, this is the first time someone had spoken to Ranaweleng so rudely, not to mention by a stranger!

From the looks and the attitude of his two guests, Ranaweleng quickly understood that they had definitely come with no good intentions. Even still, he answered with a friendly voice:

” That is right brother, I am Ranaweleng, ” then he asked, ” Where did fellow brothers come from and what intentions do you have? ”

Kalingundil took out a roll of letter from the back of his clothes. ” This! Go ahead and read it! he said. That scroll of letter is thrown towards Ranaweleng, However, because that throw is accompanied with an influx of internal energy, that letter streaked forward with a shrill whistling sound and the wooden point where that letter was pinched in pierced at the ledge’s post!

Ranaweleng was taken aback. He held back his shocked feeling and pulled out the letter that pierced into the post, he then read it.

Kalingundil and Saksoko observed him with arms akimbo.

Ranaweleng F*cker!
I give you one day for you to lift your legs from Jatiwalu!
Bring your son but leave your wife!
This is an order! If you choose to not obey,
Do not hope you would be able to see the setting sun tomorrow!
This is an order!
Mahesa Birawa

[1] silat : Silat, a form of martial arts that is widely known in Indonesia and some other asian countries. Some may heard of it but others might have not, since silat is a form of martial arts like karate or taekwondo to their respective countries, therefore keeping it as ” silat ” is best for me.

[2] ledge or balcony, which in his case I prefer ledge, this might or might not seem weird to you but a typical traditional Indonesian house usually have these.