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Ranaweleng’s body shook uncontrollably. His chest became hot with blazing anger. He had never been acquainted with this human named Mahesa Birawa, nor had he even heard the name or a story of that human before. ” Who is this Mahesa Birawa? ” asked Ranaweleng.

Kalingundil spat on the ground before answering. ” The man whom you stole his lover from who now became your wife! ”

Ranaweleng’s shocked feeling was not small at all. He didn’t even had a chance to talk when Saksoko had already beaten him to the punch. ” Mahesa Birawa wants your answer this very day Ranaweleng! ”

Kalingundil continued, ” And I advise you….. what is written in that letter, just follow it. ”

” If not?, ” asked Ranaweleng suppressing his furious anger.

” Kekekeke ” Kalingundil laughed, his big and brown to blackish teeth came into sight. Ranaweleng could no longer suppress his rage as he crumpled and broke the wooden letter pincher into small pieces of wood, which he then threw into the head of Kalingundil, precisely hitting the mouth that is laughing!

” Lowly scum! ” berated Kalingundil, jumping to the front. ” You dare to act so impudent against me, huh?! ”

” There is no need to sell your act here, demon! ” rebuked back Ranaweleng. “You crazy slaves go back to your master! ” Tell that human called Mahesa Birawa to quickly go and find a shaman[1] to heal that crazed brain of his! ”

” Truly a dog slave that do not know their place! ” blasted Saksoko. From earlier on, he was indeed already in a bad mood because of that old man who had mocked and half-challenged him awhile ago. Once he took a swinging stride, a kick that is preceded by a violent wind landed into Ranaweleng’s lower abdomen.
Looking at this enemy of his that desires to take his life, Ranaweleng growled and crackled his jaw. He dodged to the side and bashed his elbow into the ribs of his opponent.

Saksosoko is not a person who had just studied the ways of silat yesterday. While jumping upwards, he bent his knee and slides it into the face of his opponent!

Ranaweleng ducked and jumped to the side, but just before he could turn around his body to send a punch to the shoulder of his opponent, who at that time, still had not landed to the ground. Someone’s voice was heard.

” Ah, Young master Ranaweleng, why must you dirty your hands for this lost monkey?! Let this old fart, Jarot Karsa give him a small lesson about manners! ”

It turns out it was was the emaciated old man who was plucking grass in the lawn, whom also served as the servant of Jatiwalu’s village head!

Hearing that he was called a lost monkey, Saksoko naturally became enraged. He turned back and attacked that old man with a long-distance punch that gave rise to harsh winds, this punch of wind shoots towards the heart which is located in Jarot Karsa’s chest. With this attack, it is evident that Saksoko intends to take the life of this old man at that very second!

However, Jarot Karsa only laughed. Once he moved his lanky right hand, a blow of fierce wind faced the attack of the short fatty Saksoko. The wind punch of Saksoko reversed back, attacking Saksoko himself. And added with the push from the old man’s punch of wind, the power resulting from it is not something to be joked about!

Saksoko’s body was pushed 12 yards out of the ledge of the house and rolled into the ground. He tried to stand up once again but immediately after, his body collapsed once more. That is, after fresh blood sprayed out of his mouth!

Kalingundil’s shock was not small at all. His face blackening into steel, he lunged forward towards the old man. This lunge is accompanied with a loud, thundering howl that caused the ground and the ledge of the house to shake!

Jarot Karsa quickly ducked. This movement of his is immediately followed by Kalingundil.
An armful of strong, cold wind attacked all parts of the old man’s blood vessels.

Sand whirred flying in the air, dust brushed across. Jarot Karsa quickly pushed his hand to face the wind, resulting in two punch of wind meeting in the air, evoking a harsh brattling sound akin to an exploding cannon!

Jarot Karsa’s body swayed slowly whilst Kalingundil crashed into the ground, but quickly got up.

Cold sweat broke out on the forehead of this subordinate of Mahesa Birawa. His guts shrank, he could not believe that this old man could have such power! He did not expect that his internal energy fell behind in terms of power with Jarot Karsa’s!

But this man, whose eyes along with his mind had become blind and dull from anger together with hate that is boiling up, no longer considered that in actuality, he is not a match for this old man.

His two hands are raised to the front, trembling if one saw it.

Jarot Karsa and also Ranaweleng observed the movement of that man with sharp eyes. It could be seen that by now, Kalingundil’s two arms until his fingers are blackening in colour.

“Ha…..ha….,” laughed old Jart Karsa, ” You intend to show off the arms of steel technique?! ”

Kalingundil was shocked. Shocked because he hadn’t even started anything yet when his enemy had already found out his secret technique of his that he relied on the most! However, he did not show it on his face, in fact he challenged him even more.

” Good, your eyes are still sharp, huh! ” But do you know the might of this technique, arms of steel fist?! ”

” You don’t need to talk lots of bullshit, Kalingundil, come! ” challenged Jarot Karsa.

Kalingundil snarled. It was a coincidence that at the time, he was standing near the house’s ledge. Once he swung his hand: brak!! The ledge’s post that is almost as big as a man’s thigh broke down. The roof of the house fell tilting sideways!

Actually, Jarot Karsa is also amazed by the power of his opponent’s technique, but as an old man that has countless of experience in the world of silat, how could he be scared by a technique that is only like that!

” C’mon lost monkey, come! ” he said with a hunchback posture. Kalingundil’s two soles stepped on the ground. His body streaked ahead, titling sideways by a bit. His left and right legs released a serial of attacks before he followed by with a pair of blackening arms from the spell of ‘ arms of steel ‘.

The tremendous power developed by the wind caused by the attacks of his two arms are not small at all, it is also sharp and caused eyes to sore.

His left arm chopped into Jarot Karsa’s waist, if it hit, the old man’s waist would definitely be split into two. Simultaneously, his right hand punched from up above to down below, aiming for Jarot Karsa’s skull. One could imagine that within a blink of an eye, the old man’s head would be crushed into pieces!

A shrieking voice as high as the sky that almost sounded like the howl of a blood-thristy wolf wailed, causing hairs to stand on end! Kalingundil coiled on the ground, chocking to breath, his tongue sticking out as if he was a person that had his neck strangled and eyes bulging. His body convulsed for a time before he sprayed a mouthful of blood from his mouth and his body no longer moved! Kalingundil fainted following suit after his friend.

Ranaweleng heaved a deep breath. He looked at the two men who coiled on the ground before turning back to face the old man. ” Mr Jarot Karasa, do you know that human named Mahesa Birawa? ”

Jarot Karsa shook his head. ” Who he is, is not important Young master. The Important thing is that from today onwards we must be vigilant as sooner or later that human would definitely come to cause us trouble! ”

Ranaweleng nodded his head. ” I don’t want to see these two people any longer in front of my house. Take care of them, Sir Jarot. ”

” Kekekeke ” The old man laughed. ” There is no need to worry….. no need to worry. I will sweep them in front of your nose, Young master. ”

Jarot Karsa’s skinny right leg kicked two times. The body of Kalingundil and Saksoko recoiled like a ball, and crashed outside the fence.





[1] Although it is called a shaman, but the context of ” shaman ” in Indonesia, Malay, etc with overseas countries might be a bit different. This article could probably help you understand better.