WS Ep.1 pt.3

The two eyes of Mahesa Birawa also known as Suranyali that was closed cat napping suddenly opened widely when his ears picked up the trotting sound of horse legs that entered the yard. He woke up and briskly walked towards the door, and his eyes that opened widely awhile ago, is now bulged. He half-jumped descending to the ground.

” What is wrong with you guys?! ” asked Mahesa Birawa. This question almost sounded like a shout.

The two horse stopped. Their riders, Kalingundil and Saksoko slowly dismounted. Their clothes dirtied by blood and dust, along with their faces, deathly pale. Seeing this, Mahesa Birawa immediately realized that his two subordinates have received severe internal injuries.

Kalingundil stood up with a hunchbacked posture while kneading his chest. He was still seeing stars in his eyes. Saksoko on the other hand, once his two feet landed on the ground, collapsed straight away, coughed up another mouthful of blood before he fainted once again!

Mahesa Birawa jumped and quickly hit Saksoko. From inside his belt, he took out a pill and inserted it into the mouth of Saksoko. He then took out another which he gave to Kalingundil.

” Quick, Swallow it! ” he said. ” Once you swallow it, immediately control your breathing path and blood path! ” Kalingundil swallowed the given pill then hurriedly sat down cross-legged to control his blood & breathing path. He also did not forget to let his internal energy flow towards the part of his body that received a hit.

An hour later, Kalingundil’s condition could be said to have been much better although he is still lying on the bed.

” Now! ” said Mahesa Birawa very impatient and whilst beating the table, ” explain what had happened Kalingundil! ”

Kalingundil inhaled a deep breath. He lneaded his chest for a few times before he started his explanation. And once Mahesa Birawa finished listening to his explanation, his blood boiled with anger in his head, face blackened to steel, his long moustache shuddered and his eyes that are already big bulged like it was going to pop out from it’s sockets!

” Kalingundil! Ready my horse! Call Majineng and Krocoweti. The three of you follow me to that bastard’s place! Now…..! ”

Without talking much, Kalingundil left that place. Not long after, 4 horse riders could be seen, rumbling as if they were flying. Dust billowed forth, sand flied everywhere. Mahesa Birawa spurred his horse ahead once.

That old man, Jarot Karsa rubbed his chin. Without looking back at Ranaweleng who stood beside him, he looked sharply towards the horizon and said, ” Our guess was not wrong, Young master. They came. I think the one that is at the forefront alone is that man named Mahesa Birawa…..”

Ranaweleng also stared ahead. His heart grumbled. This is the first time since he became the village head that he faced this kind of distress and violence! Moreover, he had not even finished his talk with Suci when Jarot Karsa called for him, notifying him the arrival of that 4 horse riders.

At the time when Mahesa Birawa arrived at the yard, Suci had also already stood behind his husband.

Mahesa Birawa stopped his horse. His gaze fierce to the point of hunger is aimed towards Ranaweleng. In his back, Kalingundil gave him a whisper. ” The old man who is standing near the pillar is that bastard who harmed me and Saksoko. Be careful towards him, Mahesa. His skill is very high…..”

” You bullfrog[1] man shut your mouth! No need to advice me! ” snapped Mahesa Birawa. Kalingundil fell silent, biting his teeth. And at that time, the resentment as well as his hatred towards the two men that stood in the house’s ledge, especially Jarot Karsa, could no longer be painted.

Mahesa Birawa glanced for a moment towards Suci who is standing behind his husband. His lust to get this woman that didn’t reach or hadn’t reach made his anger boil to greater heights. His chest felt like it was going to split apart. At that time, even though she already had a husband and a child, Suci looked even more younger and beautiful to him.

Mahesa Birawa’s eye balls moved towards Jarot Karsa after previously raking Ranaweleng’s face with his fierce gaze.

” Old dog standing on the ledge come down to receive retribution! ” Mahesa Birawa’s voice is so loud and quivering because it is accompanied with internal energy that has already reached an acme of perfection.

Jarot Karsa let out a hollow smile. Once he moved his two feet, a half a second later he had already stood on the ground, some metres infront of the horse of Mahesa Birawa. His movement while jumping awhile ago is so light. His hollow smile that is mocking them showed up once again in the mouth of this old man.

” This is the man called Mahesa Birawa?! Who wants someone else’s wife?! If you are not crazy then of course you are insane! Has this monkey of yours told you to find a shaman to heal your crazed brain?! ”

Mahesa Birawa’s body shook uncontrollably starting from the top of his head until the tip of his toes! ” Old dog who doesn’t know his place, today you will be forced to resign your life to me! ”

Mahesa Birawa jumped down from his horse. While his body is in a floating state, his two hands punched forward, 2 blow of wind as powerful as a storm assaulted that hunchbacked old man. Dust and sand flied everywhere!

Jarot Karsa shouted and jumped 10 meters above the ground. The powerful punch of wind passed through below his two feet.

Just when he was about to send a counter attack, Ranaweleng exclaimed. ” Sir Jarot step aside, let me face this hooligan! ”

“Ah Young master….,” said Jarot Karsa whilst his body is still in a floating state in the air. ” Let me, this old man give him a lesson! There is no need for Young master to trouble yourself. In one or two moves I will sweep him out of the yard! ”

Mahesa Birawa crackled his jaw. His two fists moved one after another. A fierce howling wind surged towards the direction of Jarot Karsa. The old man, who had apparently wanted to probe his opponent’s level of internal energy, immediately responded by sending an empty-handed punch.

An explosion akin to an exploding cannon brattled in the air when the two internal energy clashed against each other. Causing the eardrums of those who heard it to feel like it was going to burst and become deaf. Mahesa Birawa’s body stood swaying for a few seconds while Jarot Karsa fell ahead into the ground, dripping with cold sweat!

Not only Jarot Karsa himself, but Ranaweleng as well is shocked to the core. Suci who stood behind his husband, watched the scene and let out a restrained scream because she thought that the old man had gotten a horrible injury.

Evidently, Mahesa Birawa’s internal energy is on a higher level than Jarot Karsa’s.

Once he realized that his opponent’s internal energy is higher than his, Jarot Karsa hastily jumped and attacked. His two hands moved so fast that it almost could not be seen, once in a while sweeping and once in a while punching with power. Almost two techniques of Mahesa Birawa is locked by the fists of wind that caused his eyes to sore.

Mahesa Birawa or Suranyali willingly or not also quickened his movements. His body now appeared like shadows. One move passed by, and Jarot Karsa started to feel the pressuring attacks that made him cautious.

Three more moves passed by. The body of those two men almost could no longer be seen because of the speed they are moving in and added with the dust and sand that filled the air, covering those two.

Suddenly, accompanied with a shrill sound that shook the air, with a movement that is hard to catch even for the eye of Jarot Karsa himself, he relied on his technique that titlted his body and shoved his left elbow into Mahesa Birawa. [ This honestly so confusing.. it’s not an accurate translation ]

He saw the body of his opponent dodging to the side and at the same time, his other hand hacked into Mahesa Birawa who was moving to dodge.


Mahesa Birawa is pushed back 8 yards in a straight line. His mouth tilted to the side, withstanding the pain from Jarot Karsa’s right fist that lodged right into his left chest.
He hurriedly flowed his internal energy into the strucked part, ” kekeke ” Jarot Karsa laughed.

” If you are still not willing to raise your feet from here with your monkeys, do not regret it later if your face will become swollen like a rotten mango! ”

Mahesa Birawa’s face darkened. His two legs stretched out, left hand stretched out to the front and his right hand is pulled to the back while raising it highly whilst his temple moved. Maesa Birawa’s right hand then looked like it had became green and vibrating.

” Wretched old fart! ” rattled Mahesa Birawa, ” look at my right hand. Do you recognize this punch that I’m going to release….! ”

Jarot Karsa wrinkled his forehead. His eyes staring fixedly at the right hand of Mahesa Birawa that is becoming greener and greener by the moment.

Although he had already lived for almost 70 years, although his experience in the world of silat is already as high as the sky and as deep as the sea, but at this moment whether or not he wanted it, his heart quivered seeing that right hand of his opponent, adding that he also did not know at all the technique that his opponent is going to unleash!

However, once Ranaweleng saw Mahesa Birawa’s hand that became green, he was shocked to the core. He quickly whispered towards Jarot Karsa with the technique ” Infiltrating sound. ”

” Sir Jarot; be careful. The punch that he is going to unleash is the punch of Green Centipede – It’s power is no joke at all and it is very poisonous….! ”

Jarot Karsa suppressed his surprised feeling.l The punch of Green Centipede….,” he muttered at heard. He almost couldn’t believe it if he didn’t see it himself.

He knew very well that in the world of silat, there is only one man who owns that technique with incredible power, that is a hermit known as Elephant Footprint that dwelled in the slope of Mt. Lawu. But now there is another person who had that technique. Is this Mahesa Birawa the disciple of that Elephant Footprint?

The wrinkles on Jarot Karsa’s forehead loosened by a bit. He tried to show a mocking expression. ” It’s only the punch of Green Centipede, is there any need to be scared…..!” said that hunchbacked old man.

Silently, Mahesa Birawa became shocked to see his opponent recognizing the technique that he is going to unleash. He then quickly rebuked. ” If you already know why don’t you quickly kowtow, old dog?! ”

” Only a crazy monkey would kowtow in front of you Mahesa Birawa. Take this….! ” and Jarot Larsa’s hand preceded him to release a fierce empty-handed fist.

When 2 more yards and the wind of that punch that is wafting deadliness would land on the body and head of Mahesa Birawa, then unleashed this man his right fist into the wind!

A blow of wind as if a tempest of typhoon shining with a green light streaked towards Jarot Karsa. Jarot Karsa’s punch of wind was pushed back and returned to attack that old man himself! Jarot Karsa jumped to the side, but he was not fast enough.

The green light punch of Green Centipede had landed on his waist. Suci screamed and covered his face with her two hands. That old man screamed up to the sky. His body rolling on the ground, and his skin turned green. He groaned and trashed around for a moment, when he then loosened his breath, his body coiled without life!

” Barbarous man! ” snapped Ranaweleng. ” My men do not have a grudge with you. Why must you kill him?! ”

” Kekekeke ” Mahesa Birawa or Suranyali laughed. ” Soon you will also die Ranaweleng! But I am still kind enough to let you raise your feet from here. If you are still hard-headed, know that your doom is right in front of your eyes! ” and Mahesa Birawa laughed once again like before.

” Today I will pit lives with you devil! ” shouted Ranaweleng. And so attacked the village head of Jatiwalu..


[1] It’s actually referring a type of Bullfrog known in Indonesia. This is the name for the english translation I got from wiki..if anyone’s interested, who knows ?

Brown Bullfrog, Gamelan Frog, Muller’s Narrowmouth Toad, Smooth-fingered Narrow-mouthed Frog, Red Spotted Chubby Frog or Flower Pot Toad.