WS Ep.1 P.4


TL Note : The 4th and 5th chapter has no indication on where’s the 4th & 5th part and it’s almost 3000 words, pheshh. So I split them on my own.

” Accursed human who do not know his place, today you will die in my hands! ” berated Mahesa Bitawa whilst raising his left arm to parry his opponent’s fists. Two arms collided against each other harshly, Ranaweleng was thrown into the ground while Majesa Birawa had only been pushed back a few steps.

Ranaweleng’s arm that had collided with Mahesa Birawa’s looked reddish and hurt. He bit his teeth, suppressing the pain.

Ranaweleng knew that his internal energy loses out to his opponent, which is why he had chosen to rely on the body lightening technique to fight his opponent as it is a technique that he had mastered to it’s very peak. In this case, Ranaweleng is not losing out at all to Jarot Karsa.

Meanwhile, at the ledge of the house, the cries of Suci towards the two people could be heard. ” Suranyali! Brother Rana! Stop this fight! Please stop! ”

Suci did not know that Suranyali had already changed his name into Mahesa Birawa, hence the reason why she called Mahesa Birawa ‘Suranyali’. She shouted once again, ” There is no enmity between the two of you, why must you fight?! ”

” Suci get inside! ” said Ranaweleng towards his wife. At that time, he had to somersault in the air to dodge his opponent’s punch. Of course at Mahesa Birawa’s side there is no one who is willing to put a stop to the fight, and in fact, Suci’s shouts had only pushed him to end Ranaweleng’s life even faster!

Just within an instant, the two men had already exchanged 8 moves and it is clearly evident that Ranaweleng is in trouble. The empty-handed punches of his opponent had trapped him from various directions, but accompanied with a loud shout, he sped up his moves and relied on his lightening body technique and with that, Ranaweleng managed to escape from the confinement of his opponent’s punches.

But it was all for naught, as Mahesa Birawa’s body appeared in shadows, moving at a very high speed. And at the 10th move, one incredibly heavy hit from his left elbow strikes towards Ranaweleng’s right side.

Ranaweleng let out a restrained groan. His face looked bluish-pale. He knew that at the very least, two bones from his ribs had cracked and his body had suffered a heavy internal injury! For some time, he stood confused and his eyes seeing stars.

“Ha…. ha….,” laughed Mahesa Birawa.
” Soon Ranaweleng, soon your doom will arrive. You better hurry up and ask for atonement from your God before you die! ”

Ranaweleng’s mouth grumbled. His jaw bulged out and his two hands stretched out. He readied himself to shoot out a fierce empty-handed punch.

On the other hand, Mahesa Birawa silently stood still as if he is a monument. His two legs sank down 1 cm into the ground. He let his internal energy flow to all parts of his body to face his opponent’s attack.

Suddenly, a shout as fierce as a tornado came out from the mouth of Ranaweleng. His two hands moved one after another and a wave of hot wind roared towards Mahesa Birawa, who let out a loud shout and jumped 12 yards to the air.

Once the hot wind blew below his legs, charring down the trees behind him, Mahesa Birawa quickly dived down to the ground as if an eagle.

The punch of hot wind that is unleashed by Ranaweleng needed a big amount of concentration in power as well as the mind and so, a few seconds after he shot out that punch, his mind was still wrapped in a concentrated state which resulted to him being late to dodge when his opponent dived down from the air.

For the second time, Ranaweleng have to receive a hit from his opponent. This time, his body had almost flipped towards the ground. He was still lucky that he managed to roll his body, or else the kick of Mahesa Birawa’s right leg that aimed towards his lower abdomen would definitely end his life!

Once he stood up, because he knew that he was not able to dace his opponent with an empty hand, Ranaweleng immediately took out a kris[1] with 7 arcs from his waistband!

But just how shocked was Ranaweleng when he saw ahead. Mahesa Birawa stood with his two legs stretched out. His left hand is stretched out to the front while his right hand is pulled to the back raising high up to the sky and that hand..had already became green from the poison of the ‘ Punch of Green Centipede ‘ technique!

Suci, who had seen the might of the Green Centipede punch screamed loudly. ” Sura!! Don’t…! Stop this fight! ”

Suranyali or Mahesa Birawa let out a deadly smile. ” If you have ten weapons, unleash all of them at once Ranaweleng! ” he said mockingly.

Ranaweleng’s heart shook heavily. Cold sweat dampened his body. Just like Jarot Karsa, he was not strong enough to face the might of the Green Centipede punch. But to run away to save himself, as a man, as someone who has the spirit of a knight, there is no such thing in the dictionary of Ranaweleng’s life.

It is better to die lying on the ground then to live as a coward! And moreover, he had already known that his opponent genuinely want his life. That is why, Ranaweleng made the decision to attack first.

With a magical kris[1] in hand, Ranaweleng rushed towards Mahesa Birawa. However, all of it was for naught, as at the second his body had just half-jumped, the right hand of Mahesa Birawa had already punched towards him!

Suci screamed. Ranaweleng’s body recoiled backwards and fell to the ground lifeless. All of the skin on his body and even until the magical kris that is still clasped in his hands had became green from the venom of the Green Centipede punch!

Suci then screamed once more and ran towards her husband. However, Mahesa Birawa reacted quickly and jumped to block her. Had Suci touched his husband’s body then within an instant, the poison that infiltrated Ranaweleng’s body would definitely flow into the body of this woman, resulting on her dead!

” Release me! Release me cursed human! Barbarian !! ” cried out Suci.

” Even a little touch of that man’s body would poison you Suci….! ”

” I am not scared! I also want to die! ”

” You are still to young to die….! ”

And with one move of his hand, Mahesa Birawa swiftly carried Suci on his shoulder. But because that woman was still struggling to get free and at the same time, shouting and hitting his shoulders. Mahesa Birawa immediately tapped the large veins on the nape of her neck, turning her stiff.

While walking towards his horse, Mahesa Birawa ordered towards his three henchmen. ” Burn that bastard’s house! ”

Kalingundil, Krocoweti and Majineng hurriedly executed that command. Within a blink of an eye, the large house of the Village head of Jatiwalu is drowned under the blazing fire.

A satisfied smile sprouted up in the face of Mahesa Birawa. When a part of that house had already been destroyed by the fire, he along with his subordinates immediately left that place.

The cry of the baby that is only a few months old could be heard crying in the middle of the fire that is burning the house.

” That baby! That baby….! ” shouted someone in the middle of the many people that crowded the village head’s lawn.

” The baby of Young master Rana….! Ooh, how pitiful! ”

” If he is not quickly helped, he will definitely die! ”

But all those people there could only scream and yell. There is no way they would be brave enough to rush in to save the baby.

While at the same time, the cry of the baby is becoming increasingly small and hoarse as the fire started to burn the bed where that baby lied down!

Just when the heart-slashing cry of the baby almost could no longer be heard, just when all those many people no longer knew what must be done to save that baby, then at that time, out of nowhere, a shadow flashed and disappeared into the blazing fire. A moment later, that shadow broke out and streaked towards the lawn, then it disappeared into the east.

Such speed and nimble that shadow moved until not even one person could see that person or if they could even confirm that it was a person, not a demon or a ghost!

Let alone it’s face, to ensure that shadow is a man or a woman not even one person could do it! It came so fast and disappeared so fast!

Only the black-coloured clothing could be seen by the eyes of that many people. And only a few seconds has passed after that shadow disappeared when the burning house of Ranaweleng collapsed to the ground and the flame swelled high into the sky!

Whoever that shadow is, whether it’s a person or not, whether it’s a man or woman, they do not know. But the thing that they certainly knew is that, that shadow had saved the baby of Ranaweleng and escaped to the east!

When Mahesa Birawa opened the room’s door and lied down Suci above the bed, he accidentally gazed at the wall and let out a restrained shock from his mouth!

On the walls made out of the hard teak wood a series of sentence is written that reads;


There is no name written from the one who wrote that sentence on that wall. That sentence is made with incredible speed and Mahesa Birawa knew that if it wasn’t for someone with a terrifying amount of internal energy surely it would not be possible to write like that on the hard walls of teak wood, because that sentence is made with the use of the fingertip!



[1] Kris – A blade that is very famous in Indonesia and is connected to it’s culture and history. It has a very unique body you can see at the image down below. Just think of it as the ” katana ” of Indonesia.