WS Ep.1 Chp 5

It is almost unbelievable that at the peak of Mt. Gede[1] that should’ve been deserted without a single living person, a shrill sound of laughter could be heard in the sweltering heat of daytime! Occasionally, that laugh disappeared, replaced by a scolding voice that at times, is accompanied by another a chortling laughter!

It is clear that there are two people on the summit of Mt. Gede at that moment! And the two of them appeared to be in the middle of a fight with all their power. Fighting while laughing at the same time!

Just who are they?! The tall and lean bodied one that is wearing clothes and black cloth is an old woman with a very dark, wrinkled skin sweating all over.

This black, wrinkled skin is no more than a thin skin that wrapped the bone! Her face looks sunken and this sunken look pressed into her eye, causing her eye to look creepy. Different from her skin and clothes that are all black, the hair on her head and her eyebrows are of a very white colour.

And that white hair grew very scarcely on top of her head that is almost silky bald. But the funny thing is that on this head with scarce hair, that grandma had 5 hairpin. And weirdly, those 5 hairpins are not slipped into those white hair because it is indeed impossible to slip it into those scarce hairs. Those 5 hairpins are embedded directly into the skin of that grandma’s head!

Who is this old woman? She is the one called Grandma Eccentric Sinto, a female sakti[2] who had retired from the world of silat since 20 years ago. In the last ten years of her course in crisscrossing the world of silat, Eccentric Sinto had ruled over the world of silat in West Java and even until Central Java. During that time she had also swept and exterminated all kinds of evil human.

Towards evil human, there is only one conclusion for Eccentric Sinto, that is to kill! It’s not surprising that her name became well known and is praised by many. This woman’s real name is called Sinto Weni. However, because of her funny, weird attitude and behavior in addition to her often acting like a senile person, gradually the silat world conferred her a new name that is Eccentric Sinto! Or Crazy Sinto!

Else well as who is the second person on the peak of Mt. Gede that is in the middle of a fight against Eccentric Sinto? He is a youth that had just only entered the age of 17 years old. His body straight, looks dashing and his skin is clean yellow[3], almost like the skin of a girl. His hair long, reaching the shoulders and rather ragged resulting in his dashing looks to seem like a kid’s.

Actually these two person are not in the middle of fighting at all because this 17 year old young teen is the disciple of Grandma Eccentric Sinto herself!

How the teacher acts, likewise how the student acts. Grinning, laughing and screaming loudly! Even though the two are in the middle of training their techniques, each and every move as well as the attacks that they unleashed are all truly dangerous attacks that if one is not careful, those attacks would definitely harm oneself!

Dust and sand flew in the air. The leaves of trees fall, the shrubs swept to and fro by the wind of the punches and the movement of those two people, moving as if shadows! In the right hand Eccentric Sinto lies a stick of dry twig while her disciple is holding a kris with 7 arcs.

” C’mon Wiro! Attack me with the ‘crazy person speeding housefly’ technique! Attack quickly, or not I will fart on your face! ”

Wiro Saksana the disciple laughed loudly and scratched his head until his long, messy hair became even messier. Suddenly that voice of laughter became harsh, it shook the earth and caused leaves to fall!

” Ciaaat….!! ” A shout as high as the universe came out from the mouth of Wiro Saksana. His body disappeared, the kris on his right hand swept to and fro with a speed that is difficult to catch by the eye. This is the technique called: crazy person speeding housefly. And indeed, although that sweeping movement with that kris is amazingly fast, it looked as if it moved erratically and unpredictably with no set pattern.

Though the body of Wiro Saksana drifted here and there but that attack had trapped the skilled old woman Grandma Eccentric Sinto!

However, that old woman only giggled in response. She was still acting all arrogant while playing with the dry twig on her hand. If only the one who Wiro Saksana faced right now is not his own teacher, not a sakti[2] as skilled as Eccentric Sinto, but another person instead, that person’s body would definitely already be cut into pieces or at the very least, chopped, amputated by the eye of the kris that sweep the air as if it was a storm!

Eccentric Sinto giggled. ” You dumb Wiro! Still not fast enough, still not fast enough! ” said Eccentric Sinto.

The disciple cursed in his heart.

” Eeeee…. are you cursing?! ” scolded Eccentric Sinto. ” Look at the twig! ” shouted the old woman as her right hand that is holding the twig moved.

” Beware of your right armpit, Wiro! ”

Even though he was already warned, even though he had already dodged with an incredible speed but still, the edge of that twig moved even faster towards the right armpit of Wiro Saksana.

“Breeett!!” The clothes of Wiro Saksana tore widely at his right armpit!

” God damn….! Luckily it’s only my armpit! ” exclaimed that youth. With a crackle of his molars, he jumped to the front. ” Grandma, ” he said, ” receive this technique of mine, monkey throwing fruits! ”

” Ah only that stupid technique who fears it?! ” responded the teacher. Wiro Saksana punched his right hand to the front. At the time when his hand was stretched out, the fingers of his hand opened up and a blow of a clump of harsh wind as if a big rock streaked towards the throat of Grandma Eccentric Sinto!

That old woman laughed giggling. She let out a spit. Even though if it’s only a spit and it’s even spitted out so nonchalantly but because it’s filled with internal energy, that spit is extremely dangerous to the blood vessels of the skin and also the eye.

Wiro Saksana escaped to the side. Whilst escaping, be waved his left hand to add power to the push of his empty-handed punch that is ‘ monkey throwing fruit ‘ that had stagnated by a bit flattened by the spit of Eccentric Sinto.

Seeing that the attack of her opponent is still fiercely aiming at her windpipe, Eccentric Sinto laughed again. This woman indeed have a very weird personality. Moreover, every technique that is created by her is given weird and funny names. It is not wrong if many people in the world of silat had changed her name into Eccentric Sinto!

The laughing sound of that old woman disappeared, exchanged with a shrill, loud voice that pierced the eardrums. Her body somersaulted and streaked as if flying towards a branch of a rose apple tree!

Once Eccentric Sinto had dodged the clump of harsh wind of ” monkey throwing fruits. ” This harsh wind punched into the branch of the tree beside there and that branch broke and collapsed into the ground!

A giggling laugh sounded out once again. How irritated Wiro Saksana is when he stared upwards. He saw his teacher sitting relaxedly on the branch of the rose apple tree while gnawing on that rose apples!

” Truly eccentric….! ” fumed Wiro annoyed because his attack had only hit the tree.

” My name is indeed Eccentric Sinto! ” said the teacher. She then asked, ” Do you want some rose apple, Wiro?! ”

And before Wiro Saksana had a chance to answer, his teacher had already rained down the seeds of the rose apple towards his direction. Twenty-one seeds of rose apple attacked in almost every direction of the bloodstream inside the body of Wiro Saksana!

” Ah, only the seeds who deigns! ” answered Wiro Saksana. He blew out towards the air and waved his two hands. That 21 seeds of rose apple fell into the ground and even more, 7 of them turned back to attack Eccentric Sinto. In spite of that, with just a little shake of her right leg that skilled grandma made that 7 seeds of rose apple rebounded!

” If you deign some seeds of rose apple, then receive this dry twig! ” said Eccentric Sinto as the dry twig on her left hand is thrown downwards, whizzing as if an arrow aiming for the brain of her disciple!

Indeed Eccentric Sinto is truly a weird old woman. In training her disciple, every attack that she unleashed is truly a deadly attack or at the very least an attack that could cause a very bad injury if the disciple isn’t careful. Not to mention that every silat technique that she created also has weird names.

Seeing this dry twig attack, Wiro laughed. Once he moved his right hand that is holding a kris, that dry twig was split into two right at the middle and fell into the ground.

” You should go down from the tree grandma. ” said Wiro Saksana. ” Or not…. ”

” Or not what? ” cuts Grandma Eccentric Sinto.

” Welcome this kris, Grandma….! Welcome it with your forehead so that it would be funny! ” Once he said those words, Wiro Saksana laughed out loudly and threw the 7 teethed kris on his right hand. That kris streaked almost invisibly because of it’s speed.

However, 4 seconds later the giggling sound of Grandma Eccentric Sinto could be heard. And when Wiro looked upwards, he saw the Kris that he threw within the pinch of the right index and the middle finger of his teacher. Wiro Saksana grumbled.

Suddenly. ” This is an honorary response for your shabby kris, Wiro! ” Eccentric Sinto took out two hairpins from her head with scarce and white hair. Accompanied with the wind of her throw that is no joke in power, those two hairpins swooped into the direction of Wiro Saksana. One of them attacked the head, while the other attacked the stomache!

Wiro Saksana who knew the power of that hairpin wouldn’t want to face that weapon by relying on his waving hands technique imbued with internal energy.

With a loud growl, this young man stepped on the earth and carried his body across the air. Those hairpins passed through his left and right, which then shot into the ground!

Grandma Eccentric Sinto laughed out loudly. ” Good…., good you did not choose to repel my attack with internal energy! Not one internal energy no matter how great it is could flatten that hairpin of mine Wiro! Eeee…. I’m thirsty! Hik…. get some water for me Wiro! Quick! ”

” If you are thirsty just lick your sweat! ” said the funny disciple, as if his teacher is already senile. Alas, Grandma Eccentric Sinto is truly a weird woman, she was not angered at all from that rude joke of her disciple, and instead she laughed out loudly.

Suddenly, her laugh disappeared. “ Water, Wiro! Quick! “ scolded that woman. And so the disciple finally slipped away from that place, walking towards a small cottage. In the back of this cottage there is a water container that is filled with cold water. Wiro took a scoop of it.

When he was walking back towards the place before to hand over the water to his teacher, he heard, his Grandma Eccentric Sinto singing. Her voice is by no means good at all, but the words in that song made Wiro Saksana curious and ask in his heart.

17 years has passed,
The summit of Mount Gede still remain like before,
The sky is still blue,
The moon and the sun are still gazing at each other far and yearning.
17 years caused the old to grow even older,
17 years caused a baby to turn into a dashing youth,
17 years the period of the promise,
17 years the time to part,
17 years the time for revenge.

[1] Mt.Gede is actually a real location in Java, it can also literally mean ” Mt. Big ” in Indonesian.


[2] Sakti : Remember? Note from chp.1

This could be a bit hard because sakti can mean lots of things, from magic, supernatural, divine power, sacred, holy, etc. But this here refers to a person who is magical / bearing divine powers / supernatural, superhuman, etc. Just remember this because I can’t find a perfect translation for it, just like the ” Dao ” in Chinese I guess?


[3] I also don’t understand why they use ” yellow ” here instead of white skin or jade-white skin lol, if someone knows please tell me.